Kuribayashi by the Numbers

As a holder of a world-class presence in bearing manufacturing, Kuribayashi pursues the essence of manufacturing while maintaining stable and steady growth.
Here is a numerical explanation of the satisfaction of engineers and the ease of working at Kuribayashi.

No.1 share

Kuribayashi is a group company of NSK Corporation, a pioneer in bearings and the leading manufacturer in Japan.
Within NSK’s global supply of bearings, Kuribayashi plays an important role as a manufacturer of tapered roller bearings, which are mainly used in automobile transmissions.
As a member of the company with the No.1 share of the domestic bearing market, you can experience the real thrill of taking on the challenge of manufacturing world-class products.

Technical staff 70%

Kuribayashi Seisakusho’s headquarters and factory are located in the Techno Area of Sakaki Town, Nagano Prefecture, known as a “manufacturing town.”
Since its establishment, Kuribayashi has been engaged in the manufacturing of machine parts, valuing technology and ingenuity, and since the 1960s, it has developed its business as a manufacturer of high-standard, high-quality bearings. Since then, many of our engineers have demonstrated their capabilities through our “pursuit of the essence of manufacturing” attitude. Even today, engineers account for 70% of our total workforce, and we continue to take on the challenge of manufacturing.

48% of employees in their 20s and 30s.

Almost half of Kuribayashi’s employees are young people in their 20s and 30s.
The average age of all employees is 41.8 (FY2021). This is younger than the average age of 43.1 years in the manufacturing industry in Nagano Prefecture (Nagano Prefecture Wage Survey 2018). While the aging of employees is an issue for many small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, it is fair to say that the workplace environment at Kuribayashi is full of youth and vitality.

The 5-year turnover rate of new graduates is 0.2%.

Over the five years from 2017 to 2021, the turnover rate of newly hired employees was only 0.2%. (*Turnover rate for the number of new graduates joining the company over the past five years)
Although jumping into a new society as a new graduate is a hurdle in many ways, Kuribayashi may be a comfortable company where young people can envision themselves working for a long time.