Our Business

We continue to take on challenges with our proprietary technologies and forward-facing attitude toward innovation.

Specializing in the forging and turning of inner and outer rings of bearings that determine the driving performance of automobiles, Kuribayashi has been refining its technology to improve quality, develop manufacturing processes, and achieve highly efficient mass production.
We continue to challenge and innovate by utilizing a wide range of technologies.

Business Overview

Bearings give "smoothness" to moving objects.
Within the realm of bearings, we are exceptionally good at manufacturing parts that support the "running," "stopping," and "turning" of automobiles.

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Features of Kuribayashi

Leading the industry in the development of world-leading proprietary technologies.
We are constantly striving to innovate and evolve.

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Introduction to the Departments

The Production Engineering Department, the Manufacturing Department, and the Quality Assurance Department.
Each plays a critical role in the delivery of world-class bearings.

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