Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


About applying to Kuribayashi, work-related matters after joining the company, benefits, future prospects, and more.

New graduate recruitment

Are there any pre-hire qualifications required?
There are no special requirements. After joining the company, you can use the qualification acquisition support system to acquire qualifications.
How long does the selection process take?
Approximately 1~1.5 months
What is the atmosphere like in the company?
The company has a friendly atmosphere. We aim to be a company where communication is active and opinions can be exchanged freely regardless of position.
Is there any post-employment training?
During the month-long group training, participants will study a wide range of skills required in the workplace, from basic business etiquette training to skills in “safety, quality, compliance, and the environment.”
Do you have a job transfer?
There are no transfers
How can I participate in the selection process?
Participation in a company information session (web or face-to-face) is mandatory.
If you wish to be considered after attending the information session, please apply through Mynavi.
Can I take a tour of the company?
Please contact us using the inquiry form.
Can I apply even though I did not specialize in a science field?
There is no problem. We have many staff members who have not studied in a specialized field during their school years but have been active after joining the company.
Do you work overtime or on holidays?
Depending on the department, the time of the year, and the production situation, employees may have to work outside their scheduled hours or come in on holidays.
However, we are thoroughly committed to the management of working hours, health management, and compliance with laws and regulations.
Please tell me about your prenatal/postnatal leave and childcare leave systems.
There is a 6-week leave of absence leading up to the delivery date and an 8-week leave of absence after childbirth. Childcare leave is limited to the period until the child reaches one year of age.
(If the applicant wishes to enter a daycare center but is unable to do so, or if special circumstances make it difficult to care for the child, childcare leave may be extended until the child turns at most two years of age.)
How does my assigned department get determined?
Assignments are determined based on a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s wishes, aptitude, and the company’s personnel plan, based on a post-employment assignment request survey.
About the selection process.
Web-based aptitude test ⇒ Essay and interview (one time).
Interview is a personal interview.

mid-career recruitment

How do I enter the mid-career recruitment page?
Please enter by going to the application guidelines on our website or contact Hello Work for more information.
You can also contact us through phone, email, or engage.
What skills and experience are important in the selection process?
Inexperienced applicants are also welcome to apply. Preference may be given to applicants with experience for some open positions.
What should I do if I cannot attend an interview during the day because I am employed?
We will discuss the best time and date for the interview before it is scheduled. Please do not hesitate to contact us about your situation.
Is there a trial period?
The first 3 months of employment will be a trial period. There will be no change in working conditions during this period.
Handling of Application Documents.
As a rule, we will not return your application documents (resume, work history, etc.).


What kind of benefit programs are available?
Automobile referral system, health insurance association rest facilities, qualification acquisition support, property savings system, defined contribution pension plan, etc.
Do you have dormitories or company housing?
If commuting from home is difficult, an apartment can be contracted through the company. (Subsidy 30,000 yen, valid for 5 years)